David Beckham documentary, “For the Love of the Game.”

On the 13th of November 2016, David Beckham was hosting a football fundraiser in Old Trafford. Very few people inside the stadium or on television had even the slightest notion of his itinerary before the match.

David BeckhamIn the last ten days, he played seven matches of football on 7 continents on 7 different surfaces, Kathmandu’s cobblestones, Papua New Guinea’s scrub, the concrete of Buenos Aires, the gravel of Djibouti, the ice of the Antarctic, AstroTurf in Miami and grass at Old Trafford. This documentary follows him on this logistical miracle.

His charity has been named after his shirt number, seven odyssey/whistlestop seven. But there is also something about him which you can’t ignore. He has circumvented the Earth like the Palin of football. His face is associated with countless brands, organizations and he is arguably the face of football.

The premise for this was to prove that the entire world is a pitch, and everyone is a player. Apart from this, there was no clarity on what the trip actually was about. Even though he wasn’t explicitly calling for donations, it did shine the light on some geopolitical problems like the refugee crisis, malnutrition, natural disasters, poverty, etc. He spent less than 3 hours on the polar ice cap, but that doesn’t mean he spent time speaking with Hannah McKeand about global warming. Instead, they erected goals using skis.

Beckham hared from one airport to the next and was very tolerant of the camera since he was aware it would get a glimpse of the actual story over his shoulder.

Whatever the documentary lacked for in depth, it made up for with remarkable images. Even Beckham couldn’t help but weep at the majesty of Antarctica. It made him humble and reflective. As far as the -20 degrees temperature was concerned, an old boss, Sir Alex Ferguson calmly said when in Manchester that they used to get that temperature all the time in Aberdeen.

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