Cristiano Ronaldo’s documentary looks at the lonely world of CR7

Cristiano RonaldoThis look at what life is like for CR7 has one clip of Ronaldo from when his godson was being baptized, and there was a small gathering in the front. The baby’s head had just about been wet when one of the priests looks over at Ronaldo and asks for a selfie.

Then there’s a moment when Portugal’s national team is training in Sao Paulo for the World Cup, and a girl runs on to the pitch to try and meet her hero. She is crying, shaking, hysterical, and caught by a security guard. Ronaldo hugged her, and she looked like she would pass out. She was so happy that he knew she existed and even got a chance to ask him to follow her on Twitter.

This may be suffocating sometimes, but Ronaldo makes it look like he is very comfortable with fame and accepts the side effects of his success. The film is a great vanity project, and it’s difficult to not come away feeling like Ronaldo worships himself.

The other guy in the movie is Lionel Messi who has been cast as a villainous character that he doesn’t deserve. Ronaldo speaks of how it feels to have to fake a smile for his adversary. He says it was hard for him to see Messi win four of them in a row. After seeing this, it probably becomes very clear how hard it is for Gareth Bale at Real Madrid as their most expensive signing ever.

There is a touch of humility now and then to try and make Ronaldo more appealing. He is as good because of how he is and this documentary, filmed over a period of slightly over a year, shows the huge strains which come with this territory. There’s even a point where his mother is taking getting prescription for sedatives from a chemist because she can’t stand the stress of seeing him play, a symbol of his immense impact on those around him.

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